Upisi: Workshop For New Participants – 15.03.2020. – Level 1 ‘Being Present’ Mindfulness Course

In 2020 Mindfulness Hrvatska, in partnership with the UK Mindfulness Association, is again hosting the Level 1 Mindfulness Course ‘Being Present’. Due to further interest in the course shown recently, we intend to exceptionally host a whole-day workshop as an opportunity for new participants to join the Level 1 ‘Being Present’ Mindfulness Course from weekend 2 in April.

In this whole-day workshop, participants will receive all the essential information that was covered in weekend 1 of the Level 1 course. Upon completing the workshop, participants will have enough time for individual practice to enable them to successfully join weekend 2 of the Level 1 course in April. The workshop is open to newcomers to mindfulness as well as people who have already undertaken a course in mindfulness and/or are experienced practitioners.

The workshop will involve talks, discussions and mindfulness practices. We will explore our approach to practice and key aspects of mindfulness, including,
– mindfulness of the body,
– the technique of mindfulness and mindful attitudes
– mindfulness in daily life.

Participants in this mindfulness workshop should be intending to join the Level 1 ‘Being Present’ Course and all of the 3 remaining course weekends throughout 2020 to successfully complete the course and receive a certificate of completion, certified by the Mindfulness Association (UK).

Workshop day: Sunday 15 March 2020 – 10:00-17:00
Gornji Grad, Zagreb

The Level 1 weekend dates are:
Weekend 2: 04-05 April 2020
Weekend 3: 30-31 May 2020
Weekend 4: 29-30 August 2020.

The ‘Being Present’ Course is led by Lead Tutor Ewa Orłowska from Warsaw, Poland and Dr David McMurtry. The workshop on Sunday 15 March will be led by Dr David McMurtry from Zagreb. The fee for the workshop is 600 kunas. The ‘Being Present’ Course and the weekend for new participants are both led in English.

You can find more details about the Level 1 course in Zagreb at the event on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1014573362267597/
and web page: http://www.mindfulness-hrvatska.hr/2019/09/10/upisi-being-present-level-1-mindfulness-course-2019-2020/

Completing Level 1 ‘Being Present’ is a pre-requisite to courses at Levels 2 and 3 and our Mindfulness Teaching Skills Programme.
To register for the workshop on Sunday 15 March 2020 for new participants on the Level 1 ‘Being Present’ Mindfulness Course, or if you have any questions, please email [email protected]