Upiši se na novi ciklus mindfulness tečaja MBLC

Uvodnik u tečaj Mindfulnessa

Udruga Mindfulness Hrvatska nudi još jedan 8 tjedni tečaj mindfulness. Tečaj koji je kreiran pod mindfulness savezom iz Engleske (Mindfulness Association -MA) zove se Mindfulness Based Living Course koji naglašava prakticiranje i učenje mindfulnessa u svakodnevnom životu. Tečaj se uspješno provodio u Zagreba u 6 ciklusa od kada je prvi put predstavljen u svibnju 2017. godine. Cijeli tečaj se provodi na engleskom jeziku pod vodstvom profesora emeritusa Davida McMurtrya.
Zbog iznimno velikog interesa za tečaj uveli smo dva termina po kojima se isti provodi. Ponedjeljkom od 19:00 – 21:00 i subotom od 10:00 – 12:00.
Uvodnik tečaja se ne plaća i služi kako bi svaki potencijalni sudionik mogao odlučiti želi li nastaviti program. Tada se ukratko predstavljaju cjeline i praksa mindfulnessa. Potrebno je prijaviti se na mail u slučaju tečaja kao i samog uvodnika. Mail na koji se primaju prijave je info@mindfulness-hrvatska.hr
Detalji o tečaju nalaze se niže na engleskom jeziku:
Mindfulness Hrvatska:  Introduction to Mindfulness Course
The udruga Mindfulness Hrvatska is pleased to offer an 8-week introductory course in mindfulness. The course, created by the UK-based Mindfulness Association (MA), is called the Mindfulness Based Living Course (MBLC). The course has run very successfully in Zagreb on six previous occasions since it was first introduced in March 2017.
Previous participants in the MBLC in Zagreb have said:
“Thank you for opening a new world to me”.
“I really liked the weekly follow up after each session with plenty of links, articles and audio files”.
“I remember mindfulness everyday and try to include it in my everyday life and activities”.
“I was satisfied with everything. The teaching was clear so I could understand all of it.”
“I have become more aware of my thoughts and habitual reactions”.
“Tutor is great – inspirational and suggestive. There are many materials, especially audio materials. The manual describes the exercises simply and clearly.”
“Being mindful means being more alive!”
“To be honest, this course surpassed my expectations”.
This course is for people with no prior experience of Mindfulness and also for people who already practice Mindfulness. It is a comprehensive introduction to practicing mindfulness meditation. Mindfulness is a secular practice which involves no religious beliefs or affiliations. The MBLC is being taught by Dr David McMurtry, an experienced mindfulness teacher, Emeritus University professor and currently President of ‘Mindfulness Hrvatska’. David lives in Zagreb.
We plan to hold the course twice weekly, dependent upon there being enough participants. The course will run on Saturday mornings, 10:00-12:00 and on Monday evenings from 19:00-21:00. The course is taught in English and we meet in Gornji Grad.
There is a free Introductory Session, which is a ‘taster’ of the course, to allow to decide if you wish to continue with the MBLC or not. The 2 Introductory Sessions are on Monday 25 March 2019 19:00-21:00 and  Saturday 30 March 2019, 10:00-12:00, both in Gornji Grad.
To register for an Introductory Session, please send an email to info@mindfulness-hrvatska.hr  stating whether you wish to participate on Monday 25.03 or Saturday 30.03. The available places are allocated to the first 20 people to register for each session.
The dates and themes for the 8 weeks of the Mindfulness Based Living Course which follows the Introductory Session (all Monday evening / Saturday morning) are:
Week 1: 01.04.2019 / 06.04.2019 – Start Where We Are
Week 2: 08.04.2019 / 13.04.2019 – The Body As A Place To Stay Present
Week 3: 15.04.2019 / 04.05.2019 – Introducing Mindfulness Support
Week 4: 29.04.2019 / 11.05.2019 – Working With Distraction
Week 5: 06.05.2019 / 18.05.2019 – Exploring The Undercurrent
Week 6: 13.05.2019 / 25.05.2019 – Attitude Of The Observer
Week 7: 20.05.2019 / 08.06.2019 – Self Acceptance
Week 8: 27.05.2019 / 15.06.2019 – A Mindfulness Based Life.
There are also ‘Days of Mindfulness’, every 4-6 weeks (dates to be confirmed), to which all participants of this course and previous MBLCs are invited. Mindfulness Hrvatska is also running a ‘Certificated Mindfulness Training Course’ which runs over 8 months, with 4 teaching weekends. This course explores concepts and practice at more depth. See our Facebook event for more information
The course fee is 450 kunas for all 8 weeks, paid in one or two payments. There is no fee for the Introductory Session.
Each week the course involves:
– a session together on Saturday morning, 10:00-12:00 or Monday evening 19:00-21:00
– mindfulness practices to undertake throughout the week;
– audio files of tutor-led practices to download;
– a course handbook or manual (printed and/or PDF)
– a follow up email every week of the course.
These are all included in the course fee. Upon completion of the course, participants will receive a ‘certificate of completion’.
For further information or to register for an Introductory Session (25.03.2019 or 30.03.2019) please email David at info@mindfulness-hrvatska.hr